LEGO play pit hire in the UK - hire LEGO bricks from Brick Pits

LEGO brick hire for universities in the UK

Do you have an event at your university in need of LEGO® hire? Look no further than Brick Pits!

Whatever your event, we can help advise you and plan your perfect LEGO®-based event.

LEGO® hire for UK universities

Previous LEGO® hire clients include the University of Cambridge and Swansea University, and we are flexible on hire durations and the bricks available for hire.

LEGO brick hire for UK universities

Previous popular LEGO® hires have included:

  • Our brick pits (pictured below) – great for open days, science festivals, or even team-building events
  • Loose LEGO® bricks for a specific activity – just ask!
  • Pre-defined LEGO® activity kits for common activities

Contact us to discuss your LEGO hire requirements – you can reach us at

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