LEGO play pit hire and LEGO brick hire in the UK

Shopping centres – LEGO brick hire

LEGO® bricks are a great way to appeal to your shopping centre visitors young and old.

Brick Pits hire LEGO® bricks to shopping centres across the UK, from simple activity packs to our brilliant foam-sided play pits, full of thousands of bricks to play with.

LEGO brick hire and play pit hire in the UK

How shopping centres benefit from our hire services for LEGO bricks

Our brick hire is ideal for self-run or facilitated activities with LEGO bricks within your shopping centre, whilst our LEGO®-filled play pits are brilliant for half term activities, seasonal treats for Easter and Christmas, and other family fun weekends. We’ve helped to bring brick-built joy to many venues with:

  • Giveaway weekends – great to draw in family crowds to your shopping precinct!
  • Trails around your venue – get families hunting around your venue to find a LEGO letters or LEGO figures. A guaranteed draw for visitors in your local area!
  • Play pit hire for “family fun” weekends – who could resist building with thousands of bricks at your disposal?
  • Brick hire for activities – dig deep and build everything and anything. Our partner Bricks McGee can help you run the workshops too, if needed.

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