About Brick Pits - UK LEGO hire company

Hire LEGO bricks in the UK

Brick Pits specialise in hiring LEGO bricks for corporate, museum and retail clients in the UK.

Our previous hire clients come from a wide range of locations in the UK and across a wide range of industries and sectors.

LEGO play pit hire for events and festivals in the UK - great for kids and adults!

Our hire clients include:

  • Science Museum Group
  • University of Manchester
  • Amazon
  • University of Cambridge
  • University of Swansea

We aim to be flexible and are always happy to answer queries about how many LEGO® bricks you will need to hire for the volume of people you have attending your event. The Brick Pits team regularly clean the bricks to ensure they’re of a good quality and cleanliness, so there are no nasty surprises when you’re playing.

What our clients do with our hired LEGO® bricks

LEGO play pit hire in the UK for corporate events

We’ve hired to a huge range of clients throughout the UK, from shopping centres to multinational corporations, to universities, libraries, and other public events.
The LEGO® bricks we provide have been used for activities and workshops for both children and adults, including:

  • Corporate away days and team-building exercises – from improving communication to adding a fun activity at the end of a day of talks or training, LEGO® bricks provide a fun alternative to more traditional team building activities.
  • Activities within shopping centres and leisure/retail parks – great to provide a unique draw for visitors at quieter times in your calendar, or even to add extra event capacity during busier times such as half terms, Easter holidays, summer holidays, or the Christmas break.
  • Corporate networking events – playing with LEGO® bricks is a great icebreaker, and quickly gets people talking and building!

You can add another dimension to the fun at your event with the hire of our brick pits too – these foam-sided play pits come supplied full of LEGO® bricks; a great way to provide some fun whatever the venue.

If you’d like to discuss brick hire for your event or venue, please contact us at hello@brickpits.co.uk, or give us a call.

Hiring LEGO bricks – Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s our guide to hire’s frequently asked questions. Can’t see an answer to a question you have here? Get in touch!

How does brick hire work?

Brick Pits drop off and collect the LEGO bricks and our play pits you hire – however long you need it for. We hire LEGO bricks and play pits to clients for events from one day to weeks and months at a time – we’re flexible.

How much does hiring LEGO bricks cost?

Our hire costs vary depending on how many LEGO bricks your event needs, how long you need it for, and where you’re holding your event. Contact us for a quick and easy quote.

How long can I hire the play pits and LEGO bricks for?

You can hire the LEGO bricks and our play pits for as long as you need it. Our minimum hire is one day, but we have no maximum – some of our clients have had our hired for weeks and months!

How many LEGO bricks do I need to hire?

We can help advise you as to the volume and type of LEGO bricks you will need for your event. Contact us to discuss details, and we’ll be happy to help.

Can we keep the models after the event?

Sorry, we don’t currently have an option for you to keep the models you’ve built on the day – we need all of the LEGO bricks returned.

Are there any events you don’t hire for?

Sorry, we don’t currently accept hire bookings for schools, scouting or other youth groups, stag/hen parties, and birthday parties.



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