New to LEGO® hire? Our answers to frequently asked questions on LEGO® brick hire and our play pits are below.

How does LEGO® hire work?

Our LEGO® hire service takes all of the headaches out of sourcing LEGO® bricks for your events and activities. When you hire from Brick Pits, here’s what to expect:

  • Confirm the dates of your LEGO® hire booking
  • We’ll confirm a delivery date and time for you
  • We’ll deliver the LEGO® bricks to your nominated address. If you’ve hired a brick pit, we’ll set everything up for you!
  • It’s time to play.
  • Once you’re finished, we’ll collect the LEGO® bricks, and check everything’s back in the boxes. (See “What happens if bricks goes missing during the hire?” below).

How big are the play pits?

Our standard LEGO® play pits measure 1.2 x 2 metres (~4 x 6.5ft) in size. We recommend a very minimum of 2 metres space around each side of the play pits for access; more if available.

We can also hire loose LEGO® bricks for use in other venues and situations.

How many LEGO® bricks come in a play pit?

Our standard play pits contain around 12,000 – 20,000 LEGO® bricks.

Are the bricks all genuine LEGO® bricks?

Yes, we only use genuine LEGO® bricks for our LEGO® hire service and play pits.We regularly check the bricks hired out, and remove dirty and damaged bricks. Bricks are cleaned between hires, where practical, to ensure a high quality of LEGO® bricks to play with – no-one wants to play with old, discoloured bricks!

What colour choices are available for LEGO® play pit hire?

We have a wide range of colours available for our bricks in the LEGO® play pits. Currently, our most popular LEGO play pit hire colours are:

  • mixed – bricks of all colours, shapes and sizes
  • blue and yellow
  • pink and grey – ideal for LEGO hires for weddings, christenings and family events
  • DUPLO – these large bricks are great for smaller hands (recommended ages 2 – 5 years old)

What happens if bricks goes missing during the hire?

The nature of LEGO® brick hire is that some bricks will – and do! – go missing or become damaged during use. We only make additional charges where a larger than usual proportion of the bricks are missing or damaged during a hire.

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